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The Blast Of The Horn

Leslie D. Green was born in the small mountain town of Marion, NC, which she refers to as a sweet and carefree “Mayberry-ish” place to grow up. She later graduated college from UNC- Chapel Hill with many fond memories. In 1984, she married her husband, Rick, and they proceeded to raise their three beloved children in beautiful Asheville, NC. She spent many years in WNC as a wife, mom, school/community volunteer, local bank board member and church devotee before entering the “golden years” of life.


Leslie’s journey, however, took a hard turn off the golden path that she thought would lead to an enjoyable and trouble-free retirement season. By telling her story of the unexpected twists and turns her family has endured, Leslie’s dream is that the reader will draw hope and encouragement to discover and know without question that we are never truly alone, even in our darkest hour of life. If we have “eyes to see,” we can find God in the midst of any hardship, heartbreak or struggle we encounter.


May it be so for each of us on this challenging journey called Life.

The Blast Of The Horn


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