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The Blessedness of Brokenness

“IF there is one thing I have learned in the ministry, it is that we serve a God of second chances. I have seen countless lives transformed from brokenness to a thriving existence full of hope and determination. Far too often the body of Christ will give up on people, when they are only a few compliments and encouragement away from a breakthrough. The Bible is full of flawed people who found a calling on their life and ended up being some of the greatest servants of the Lord. Love is the most revolutionary force in this world, a force that can rebuild lives, renew hope, and strengthen the community. We are called to be representatives of Christ’s love. It is the greatest gift that anyone could ever have. The truth is that you will never really know someone’s potential until you give them a chance. I believe that the church should be a hospital for the broken people of the world, and not a waiting room for the saints. 

The Blessedness of Brokenness


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