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The Coconuts Have Eyes

There are many questions we ask as we make our way through

life. And in The Coconuts Have Eyes Moira receives the answer

to every one of these!


• Is God real?

• Does He care about me?

• Can I look to Him for answers?

• Is He trustworthy?

• Does He still love me when I take wrong turns?

• Are there some sins He won’t forgive?

• Is it His will for me to be sick?

• Will He answer my prayers?


Time after time, she finds herself out on a limb, needing God

to intervene and rescue her, and time after time, Jesus steps in

to help, sometimes in startling ways.


Join her as she travels to two dozen countries and learns the

ultimate life lesson: God doesn’t want your performance. He

wants your heart. He loves you, He wants to have a relationship

with you, and He wants you to trust Him.


Moira French lives in Atlanta, Georgia

with her husband, Jerry. The mother

of six grown children and recently a

grandmother, she attends The Solid

Rock of Atlanta and is employed as an

executive assistant at a law firm.

The Coconuts Have Eyes


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