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The Game

The Game is a book that contains all of the elements of the urban community { ghetto } envy, jealousy, seduction, lust, and love. Hustling, hatred, violence, betrayal, drugs, and the cheapness of life itself, murder, etc.


The Game is also centered around the life of the main character. Goldie, who is abreast of urban astuteness learned in the badlands of New Brunswick, N.J. Who has also realized that the game that he has been playing the majority of his life, isn’t what life is about.


The synopsis in short: Goldie decides to put himself on top of the game, by way of everything that he knows about the game, and in success, he planned to walk away from it.


The book sticks to the plot of the game { Goldie “takes” everyone involved that he possibly can in the game that he weaves }.

Now in the book Goldie also finds love, and that’s when the story begins to take on its own life.

Revised: New Perspective, Great Read, and A Great Story Line

The Game


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