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The Home School Partnership

Clinicians who work with Caribbean children are

very aware of the role that education, literacy and language

play in the daily lives and culture of the community.

While clinicians deal with a wide range of issues

they often focus on supporting the development of

language and literacy skills in the children they serve.

They frequently must collaborate with parents and

school staff to form an alliance which supports the best

outcomes for children.


This is an overview of the things that must be considered

when addressing language and literacy in children.

This text provides suggestions for ways in which

the school can support parents and caregivers to make

the home a learning environment that supports literacy

and language development.


This information provides practical suggestions for

the support of literacy for children by the adults in their

lives. There are suggestions for the parent school contacts,

as well as specific strategies to support the development

of literacy skills.


A special emphasis is placed on learning and supporting

literacy in natural environments. The information

in this book should be useful for all those who

wish to work with parents. It provides a simple overview

about the things that come together to allow children

to crack the code which is the printed word, and

to use it effectively.

The Home School Partnership


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