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The Mystical Crystal of MU

TRUE facts: The land of MU was actually an ancient civilization with a highly advanced culture. It had brilliant flora and fauna. There was wildlife ranging from beautiful butterflies to pterodactyls and large mastodons. Some say it existed from as far back as 7000 to 12000 years ago. Some historians believe the continent was in the western Caribbean; others disagree, saying MU was located in the Pacific Ocean. A handful of scholars think it was where the biblical Garden of Eden existed. MU was supposedly one of the first continents on the planet, parallel to the two Americas.


Eons ago a catastrophic occurrence took place on the continent of MU. Gas-filled caves and a volcanic eruption caused an earthquake and tsunami, destroying the once pristine land and causing it to sink under the ocean. Even now parts of the ancient land will rise and fall under the Pacific Ocean’s wake.


Colonel James Churchward claimed to have found evidence inscribed on ancient tablets in India and Mexico. An Asian priest taught him to translate the primordial Muvian language telling the story of a Queen Moo. A rivalry developed between two brothers for her hand, thus causing a violent clash that led to the death of one10 Yauna Hansen-Smith

brother and the takeover of the continent by the other. That’s when the calamity happened, and the beautiful continent then sank under the sea.


magine my surprise in reading this information after I had already written that very story.


Historic records on the tablets state that Queen Moo escaped the catastrophic event by voyaging to Egypt, where she was revered as the Goddess Isis. She founded the Egyptian culture and built the Sphinx. The majority of MU’s inhabitants escaped to Yucatán where they erected temples and wrote down their amazing history.


Although there are some ancient facts in this book thought to be true, this story is also a work of fiction. It includes a fictional water planet MER in the Orion constellation. This is the story of how MU and MER’s inhabitants come together to fight incredible odds and the terrifying forces of evil.

The Mystical Crystal of MU


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