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Young Faces Smiling

The price is for a block of 25 Books


TEACHING our students the art of communication is an important tool they can use to build good leadership skills and form a good foundation—all of which enable them to successfully follow their dreams and aspirations.

I salute Ms. McClarty for masterfully teaching our students how to communicate in this crazy 21st century world. Creating “A Reality Classroom Adventure” for her students by having them write to media influencers and opinion makers is pure genius. I also applaud Ms. McClarty for empowering her students and emphasizing for them the importance of getting an education. These are excellent traits of a good teacher—someone who is a positive role model, an effective/creative communicator and a teacher who sees only the soul of a human being. Ms. McClarty has derived absolute satisfaction from seeing her pupils contribute to making their lives and futures more meaningful.

Young Faces Smiling


The above price for your book is for a block of 25 Books at a wholesale price, no additional cost, FREE shipping.

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