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Selling Your Book


Interior design

Selling your book on the Internet requires you to have a digital presence on the Internet. You need a website and an internet marketing plan (SEO). We feel so strongly about this that we started offering our authors a free author page on our website. We also periodically interview our authors and create an Author Spotlight on our blog.


Many authors promote their books on their social media but there are many benefits to owning your own website and having a SEO marketing plan. It will help people find your book on the internet and provide instructions for how to purchase your book(s). We also encourage authors to have an email list ready for the release of their book and to be on at least one social media platform. 

WebSite Design

There are two types of website designs an Author Website and a Book Website (for a single book). SelfPublishing creates 1-5 page websites or unlimited pages with a blog. The website design includes the overall branded design and the logo/brand. We will enter the content for each page but you must write it. And you must supply photos for the website.

Website Options:

  • Domain Registration (annual)

  • WIX Website Hosting (annual)

  • Logo Design

  • Single Page Site - Home page​

  • Multi-Page Site - Home, About, Book(s), Contact, + an extra page.

  • Unlimited Page Site - Same as Multi-Page Site + Blog.


Internet Marketing

Marketing your self-published book on the internet is called Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO.


Marketing your book on the Internet requires an overall strategy and a monthly strategy. Some authors only need help with the overall strategy then they can handle the monthly marketing work themselves. We highly recommend a book launch strategy for all authors.


SEO Options:

  • Overall Marketing/SEO Strategy and Social Media and YouTube Recommendations.
    Starting at 2 hours at $75/hr

  • Initial SEO Setup - Install Google Analytics, set up Google Business Profile, and optimize the Home page. $75.

  • Monthly SEO - 3, 5, or 10 hours a month to create/update/optimize web pages, post on blog, support email marketing, post on social media, optimize YouTube, monitor Google Analytics (website traffic), help with content calendar. $75/hr

  • Book Launch Marketing Strategy - The First 30 Days your ebook is on KDP Amazon is a VALUABLE marketing period. Starting at 2 hours at $75/hr

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