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Herb Schultz

Herb Schultz is the author novels, a collection of short stories, screenplays, and most recently "Culture Justly Scrutinized: A Take on Six Years of Virtue and Venality" and "Avarice Deceit Connivance and Revenge: Two Twisty Crime Screenplays". 


He is the 2012 winner if the Indie Reader Discovery Award for best short story collection, "Sometimes the Sun Does Shine There and Other Stories."


He has written three novels: "RonnieandLennie," a funny, sad, edgy story that spans decades and visits numerous venues as it chronicles the lives of twins conjoined at the chest by a rogue band of flesh; "Architect's Rendition," the story of an amoral man who tries to secure the life he always wanted to live by cutting a swath through a cast of misfit characters - the kind who allow themselves to be deceived; and "Double Blind Test," a tale of deceit, romance and lex talionis.



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Culture Justly Scrutinized

A Take on Six Years of Virtue and Venality

GENRE: Pop Culture, Politics

Culture is represented in many forms: art, music, architecture, books, movies, television, advertising, business, fashion, cuisine, sports, technology. Even politics, and especially death. And all of it deserves scrutiny – justly, of course. This eclectic collection of more than 250 essays justly scrutinizes culture over six years beginning in 2012. Some of it virtuous, lots of it venal.

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Avarice Deceit Connivance and Revenge

Two Twisty Crime Screenplays

Imagine two twisty crime screenplays turned into feature-length movies starring Avarice, Deceit, Connivance and Revenge.

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More About Herb Schultz

Herb Schultz was featured in a SelfPublishingUS Author Spotlight when he added not one but two books to his list of accomplishments. Read more

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