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Culture Justly Scrutinized

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

By Michael Heath /

Culture Justly Scrutinized

Herb Schultz has always been a busy man. He rose through the corporate ranks in a decades-long career to become Director of Business Systems at IBM Global Services. Recently retired, Schultz now manages several properties he owns while pursuing several passions including blogging, traveling and fiction writing.

Adding to this list of accomplishments are two books just released this fall:

Among Schultz’s writing pursuits is screenwriting. He penned two screenplays that he added to The Blacklist and Inktip websites where screenwriters can post work in the hope of being discovered by a filmmaker. As he did this, he found many friends and acquaintances reading his screenplays from start to finish, resulting in rave reviews. Schultz was pleasantly surprised that people with no affiliation with the movie industry would enjoy reading stories composed as screenplays.

With a hunger for current events, Schultz constantly searches the internet and reads The New York Times every morning from first page to last. With so much information, Schultz felt compelled to share with the public what he learned while adding his own point-of-view. Hence, a blog appropriately called Culture Justly Scrutinized was created, touching upon the goings on in the nation and world while adding his own observations, comments, and opinions. The book of the same title is an eclectic collection of those blog posts from 2012 to 2020, covering many topics, including music, art, architecture, movies, politics, technology and more. Schultz is an equal-opportunity blogger who took pleasure in commenting on many fun items that were vaguely familiar and largely forgotten. One example is his memorializing the inventor of Pong, the first video arcade game. Just about any baby boomer would remember Pong, but who recalls the man -- Ted Dabney -- behind the creation?

Herb Schultz’s Other Works

Schultz’s previous work includes three novels: Ronnie and Lennie, Double Blind Test and Architecture Rendition. Each enjoyed commercial success and are recommended reads. All of Herb Schultz's print and ebooks can be purchased Major Terata Publications

Schultz keeps on going. He is currently working on a horror screenplay titled Stalled. It has a very clever plotline that I promised I would not discuss here. We will just have to anxiously wait for that work to make it to the silver screen.

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