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The Nucleus by Christopher E. Jackson

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Read author Christopher E. Jackson's The Nucleus and you know he has a fit imagination.

By Michael Heath /

The Nucleus by Christopher E. Jackson
The Nucleus by Christopher E. Jackson

One of the great things about the Harlem Book Fair is meeting new people and seeing old acquaintances.

Author Christopher E. Jackson is one of those people that I spoke to on the phone many times but never got to meet in person until he showed up at the table. We both got busy talking to people who came by the table: he spoke to people interested in his book and I got to speak with people wanting to get their work published.  As heavy as the traffic was, there was some in-between time where I got to learn more about this up and coming author.

Christopher Errol Jackson and his book The Nucleus

Christopher Errol Jackson was born in Brooklyn and grew up there before moving to Florida to finish out his last two years of high school. He attended a vocational program at Universal Studios where he learned to become a line chef and did that for a few years before moving back to New York. Back on his home turf, he worked as a TSA officer for seven years.

Christopher is a bit of a fitness junkie. He works out and watches what he eats. Chris admits that he likes food and will indulge in an occasional hamburger or carton of Chinese food. But other than that, he follows a vegan diet. Fitness and strength are what attracted Christopher to his next career choice. New York City calls it police officers its “finest” and the firefighters the “bravest”.  There is an appropriate name for the sanitation workers, and they are called the city’s “strongest”. Christopher joined the sanitation department and is close to his fifth-year anniversary. He explained that you need to be in top shape to keep the streets clean of garbage and snow. The work is hard and heavy. There is a lot of running involved in keeping up with a moving truck. Each sanitation depot has a weight gym so that the workers can stay strong. Does Christopher stay in shape for that tough job or is it the running and lifting for eight hours that keep him lean and fit? My guess’s a bit of both.

The Nucleus is a dystopian thriller focused on the Borough Nation and its chambers where students train in martial arts and other studies that can benefit the community. Nosekaji Rehpostsri is a student who has ambitions to become a Supreme Senior Director. Can he be stopped or is he destined for greatness? Is there another universe out there with powers that can help him in his pursuits?

Meet Christopher Jackson and you know that he is fit in both body and mind. Read The Nucleus and you know he has a fit imagination. I recommend this book. (The Nucleus is also available on Amazon)

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