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You’re Grounded!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

By Michael Heath /

Free cover design
Free cover design

Did you ever hear that before? I know I did. More than once. I cannot recall the infractions; however, in each case the punishment likely fit the crime. My parents condemned me to home confinement and the tedium that comes with it. Staying stuck in the house gets old really fast, as we are finding out during the Coronavirus epidemic.

We realize that many people are at home working on a book project but are experiencing the financial pain of a job layoff, temporary closing of a business, or the need to take on more familial responsibilities. These are turning out to be difficult times for everyone and thankfully there are many Americans pitching in to make lives better., wants to put smiles on some faces. We are offering free cover design to the first twenty five writers who contact us. You heard that right . . . FREE! Reach out to Vince; he and his team will create a print-ready, PDF paperback cover (no children’s books, please), bringing the author one step closer to making his or her book project a published work.

Free Book Cover Design

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There are no strings attached. Just call Vince at 212-682-3828. or

email: He looks forward to hearing from you.

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