Michael Heath, Book Talk, and Walking the Book Walk

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

One reason that Michael Heath of Self Publishing US is comfortable with book talk is that I have walked the book walk. That’s write,  I mean that’s right!

By Michael Heath / selfpublishingUS.com

One reason that I am comfortable with book talk is that I have walked the book walk. That’s write,  I mean that’s right!
Michael Heath

For over a dozen years I have been speaking to self-published authors about their book projects. It is a fun job and why shouldn’t it be?

Once a writer completes the hard work of writing a manuscript, they are usually anxious to learn the steps required to get their work into print. I always enjoy the conversation that takes place while having the opportunity to answer questions and explain the process.

One reason that I am comfortable with book talk is that I have walked the book walk. That’s write, I mean that’s right! I have authored five books. One traditionally published book and four self-published works. The first novel titled Garlic Bread for Eugene is about two brothers suffering from the recent death of their father and how they successfully help one another through the tragedy. I promise you it is more upbeat then it sounds. I turned it into a series with three books following the first, and all are infused with a food theme. My fiction series was written for a middle-grade audience (3rd – 5th graders) and enjoyed successes with a few thousand books sold. It was not easy. I promoted the books at many book signing events. Even with that many books sold the project was more of a labor of love than a financial windfall; I still have my day job. There are no regrets. I wish more were purchased, but there is still hope that the series will one day take off and enjoy a larger readership. 

I changed lanes to write my non-fiction tome. It is titled The Courtless Divorce and was written to promote mediation and collaborative law, as opposed to the more expensive litigation method for ending a marriage. A neighbor gave me the idea. I began my research and the more I learned the more I realized that the litigation system for breaking marriages is broken. The financial and emotional toll people suffer is often devastating. It is an adversarial process that inflicts pain on its combatants.

Unfortunately, most people in a failed marriage believe that hiring a lawyer and heading to court is the only way to better their situation. The lawyer, who basically is a stranger, provides life-altering advice. Anger experienced by the spouses fogs their decision making. Overworked judges pass down hurried rulings that may affect the couple for decades. I learned that in mediation and collaborative law the couple makes their own decisions using a solutions-based approach. My passion for the subject compelled me to write a book about it.

So, there you have it. Do you want to talk about my books? Give me a call. More about me on my ABOUT Michael Heath page. If you have written a manuscript and want to talk about your next steps or how to market it after its published, please give me a call. I would love to hear from you and remember, talking is always free!

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