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Book Vending Machine

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Printing 25 Self-Published Books

Tips for SelfPublishing Authors

SelfPublishingUS created the B-V-M, Book Vending Machine, so our authors can re-order small orders of their books online in increments of 25 books.

By Michael Heath /

Ron Pramschufer of the former Self Publishing, Inc. used to say, “You have to have books in order to sell books.” What he meant was that if you publish your work you need to have the book in hand to show people. Buyers want to see it, hold it, even smell the pages. Who is going to have confidence in an author who simply puts the book up on Amazon tells people to look for it there? follows the tradition of Ron Pramschufer by always providing the author with a print proof. After the author approves the proof, the books are printed on state-of-the-art book presses just like the big publishers do. Authors then get out there with a book that is constructed the way it should be, allowing them the best chance at success. There is nothing like having a book that one is proud of.

Printing on big book presses takes time, quantity minimums (usually 100 books) and a print proof. When an author places an order, s/he receives an unbound print proof delivered to his/her doorstep within ten days. After reviewing the proof and approving it, the author needs to send it back. Once the proof is received, the job gets into the print queue. Printing is usually completed in 15 to 20 business days.

We often get calls from our authors who need a small batch of books in a short amount of time. This may be for a surprise order they received or an upcoming event that caught the author short-handed. That is why we created the Book Vending Machine (B-V-M). If an author approves a proof and prints books with us, we can include their files in a high-tech printing system that produces batches of 25 books to be shipped within 5 days.

Our business model is designed for the more serious author, s/he who believes s/he will sell least 100 books. B-V-D is here so that authors can continue to be successful knowing they can obtain additional books in several days. Let’s face it, sometimes readers just don’t want to wait for a good book.

If you've printed with us in the past and you don't see your book on B-V-M, contact us and we'll set the files up for quick Book Vending Machine re-ordering!

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