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Necessary Evil (and Vol 2)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

To sell a lot of novels you need a book that is both well-written and engaging.

By Michael Heath /

Necessary Evil by Kareem Hayes
Necessary Evil by Kareem Hayes

If you want to learn about an author who sells a lot of books keep reading.

Kareem Hayes is the author of Necessary Evil and Necessary Evil Vol. 2. The books take place in the crime-ridden areas of New York City during the turbulent drug era of the 1990’s. Hayes describes the two novels as urban thrillers which journey through the crack and heroin trade while still containing a spiritual twist. It might be fiction, but the stories are based on Hayes’ own experiences growing up on the gritty streets of New York. He witnessed much of what is depicted through the pages often saying: “Harlem raised me, and Jamaica Queens made me”.

Kareem Hayes
Kareem Hayes

To sell a lot of novels you need a book that is both well-written and engaging. The author has accomplished both as reviewers attest. The books are described as “page-turners” or “must-reads”. It is too bad that is not enough to be successful or more authors would be richer. A good book needs to be marketed and that is exactly what Hayes did, right back on the streets and to the people he wrote about. He stood with books in hand on the asphalt of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queen, and upper Manhattan. He sold his first five thousand books while homeless. Then he went to other places like Philadelphia and parts Connecticut for more face-to-face selling. Confidence, good-looks and an effervescent personality allowed the author to sell more than 50,000 copies.

Hayes believes in the on-the-ground selling approach doing a few festivals in the summer and speaking to aspiring authors at libraries and other venues. The author has a Necessary Evil clothing line and a movie deal is in the works.

Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil

If you are not fortunate enough to bump into Kareem Hayes out on the street, then go to Amazon where you can buy his books.

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