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The Original Self-Publishing is the ORIGINAL SelfPublishing dot com

by Vince Pannullo |


Ron Pramschufer

Ron Pramschufer was the founder and President of Self Publishing, Inc. and someone I did a lot of work for back in the ‘80s. I started my career in this industry in the printing press rooms. With the passing of Ron in October of 2018, Self Publishing, Inc. closed down. We were able to re-open with the same clients and the same services as; however, we lost access to the original domain, hence the “US.” The new name is One Communications US, LLC and D/B/A

We Know Ink, We Know Paper, We Know Printing…

We Know Books

Hands-on work on printing presses provided a detailed education in ink, paper, and printing. As my career evolved into pre-press, the information I acquired about ink, paper, and printing has enabled me to help authors self-publish their books to quality printing standard as well as to fit their budgets. Printing standards means helping authors produce their book in the standard dimensions and trim size for their genre/category. Budget can be impacted by a number of printing options such as the quality or paper grade.

How Our Mission Creates More Successful Authors

Website visitors rarely pay attention to a business’ mission statement, but independent authors are continually drawn to ours. Ron was a huge proponent of “allow authors a new way to publish their books while retaining their publishing rights” and we have continued his mission. Other publishing houses are finally starting to change their ways but remember: this is the way we’ve always done business.

It Takes a Team to Self-Publish

Vince Pannullo Leading the Helm

As the president of the new, I continue to work hands-on in the business. In addition to working with authors on how best to print their books, I design book covers and text layout and provide book coaching to new authors planning to print with us.

We have plenty of new faces at SelfPublishingUS and we recently hired Jacki Lynch, who worked in the original self-publishing company as author support throughout the self-publishing process.

We still offer all the same self-publishing services of the original SelfPublishing dot com business. Our team can help you with:

1. Editing

2. Cover Design

3. Book Design

4. Printing

5. eBook Design

We don’t sell or distribute your books, but we do offer to promote you—the author—with a free Author Page listing all your books, an Author Spotlight on our Blog, and promotion of your latest self-published book on our social media (if you tell us where you plan to sell it).

If you have a book you’ve been working on, reach out to us at


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