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Why Do Authors Come To SelfPublishingUS?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Decades of Printing and Self-Publishing Experience!

By Michael Heath /

SelfPublishingUS was born from the ORIGINAL SelfPublishing company and we've carried on the founder's mindset and mission to help authors self-publish their books.

Our mission is to offer high-quality book printing and publishing services including editing, cover design, layout, children’s book illustrations, and e-book conversions for authors who self-publish their own work and retain and control their own publishing rights.

Today, there are many companies out there wanting to publish your book. Just go online and you will see what I am writing about. Lots of promises. Lots of ways to get vulnerable writers into believing that they have the next best seller.

Authors Own Their Book Files!

SelfPublishingUS authors always own their copyright, publishing rights, and files. There is no royalty sharing, authors keep 100% of book sale profits. All publishing services and printing are done in the US.

No Contracts or Requirements to Buy Services You Don't Need

They then get the author to sign a contract to charge for a list of services, some that the author does not want or need. It’s a great program for the company and not such a great plan for the author. SelfPublishingUS does not make you sign a contract or force you to buy services you do not need.

Compare SelfPublishingUS to other Book Publishing Companies

Self-publishing means that an author publishes their own book(s) and is responsible for all of the production tasks involved with making a book. SelfPublishingUS offers some editing and design services but they are never required to print with us.

These book mills look to get their authors in and out not unlike the way they spit out books, one at a time on their print-on-demand book machines (glorified copiers).

If you consider yourself a serious author, with a real book project, then is the place for you.

We hope you give us a call. There is much to discuss.

Initial post 8/22/2019
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